impossible translations #4
passive resistance
passive resistance
How to unbalance the pressures that correspond to each other on either side of the membrane?
Portraits. Arnold Schönberg
Impossible music #1
(neo)liberal systems #4 “entertainment”
in praise of the absent
through the wall
Alberto Bernal by Jaime Reis
impossible music #5
NO studies #1

Impossible translations #3b


numbers #1 "post-truth"
300kg of music
ritratto senza voce (Billie Holiday)
numbers #2 "variations on a theme by Brahms"
A Tempo


#OccupyYourself installative performance for 4 percussion players isolated in closed tents. (Reduced version)
5/7/2023 Festival Made in SMAE (Porto, Portugal)
FRAMES Percussion Ensemble

[premiere] New piece 40 voices in open air
17/6/2023 20:00. Monasterio San Pedro de Eslonza (León) / Fundación Cerezales
Coro Ángel Barja

Crítica de la grabación pura graphical piece / exhibition
12/5/2023 to 10/12/2023 Museu de la Musica (Barcelona)
Within the exhibition «Listening with your hands»

Monographic radio broadcasting
9/5/2023 1:00 La casa del sonido (RTVE). Con José Luis Carles y Cristina Palmese

(neo)liberal systems #1 «accelerando»  CD presentation
28/4/2023 12:00 SGAE (Madrid)
With Rhea Saxophone Quartett

[premiere] play-PAUSE-stop-loop 2 saxophones, screen and audiovisual material
25/4/2023 20:00, 20:00 Ackermannshof / Basel
27/4/2023 20:00 Theaterpavillon/ Luzern
28/4/2023 20:00 Bühne S/ Zürich
2/5/2023 20:00 Theatherstudio/ Olten

Eventuell Saxophone Duo (Vera Wahl, Manuela Villiger)