[Voids] P. I. Tchaikovsky – Chant Élégiaque

Format: piano / graphical piece
Creation: 2021
Duration: ca. 7 min.

   Initiated during the COVID-19 confinement, voids comes out of a personal need of creating empty spaces within the incessant stream of activities and the paradigm of “keep doing things without interruption”, that even a situation like this didn’t realise neither to stop nor to question. voids is conceived as a series of “anti-compositions” created from the process of emptying and piercing other existing musical works. Their only proposal is to stop a particular sound stream replacing it with voids from which one can reflect upon their surroundings, their interruption or just to pause in the act of not-doing.
  Each one of the pieces can be thought to be played/emptied in its original instrumental format (privately or publicly), as an imaginary experience from its graphical appearance or, simply, as an immaterial testimony of its time.

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