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(neo)liberal systems #2 “crescendo”

any number, any kind of instruments
la ciudad inaudible

inaudible city

4 instruments + tape and light (2017)

numbers #1 “post-truth”

tenor sax + video (2017)

on the deconstruction of a trill III

live and recorded bass clarinet (2006-16)


Sound action for long distance runner, saxophone ensemble and real time video (2015)

crowds and power / lecture

performer and live electronics (2010)
claustro abierto

open cloisters

bass flute and live electronics (2007)
through the wall

through the wall

3 percussion players, violin, violoncello and piano + live electronic (2007)

on the deconstruction of a cycle

2 pno, 2 perc + optional tape (2005)

on the deconstruction of a trill

live and recorded flute (2006)

on the deconstruction of a trill II

live sax (ten.) and recorded sax (2006)

‘s (after Samuel Becket)

wind instrument + live electronics (2003)


7 instruments and 7 loudspeakers (2003)


trombone, piano + tape (2003)
27 escenas

27 scenes for 4 spectators

alto recorder, alto sax, guitar, accordion and live electronics (2002)


flute, violoncello, piano and live electronics (2001)