impossible translations

Impossible translations is a series of works for acoustic instruments an simultaneous video, in which I try to establish a relationship between music and the outside world by means of a rather arbitrary translation of a non musical input (usually videos or still images) into a playable instrumental score.

Rather than works about synesthesia, they are works that try to force a relationship in order to put together two incompatible layers, about the paradox of an impossible music made possible through the materialization of its impossible translation.

Related text: La música y su otro. Cinco posibilidades de una deliberada relación (Función Lenguaje #3. 2013)

impossible translations #1

bass cl./saxo, perc. + video (2010)

impossible translations #2

violin, violoncello, piano + video (2011)

impossible translations #3b

percussion + video (2011)

impossible translations #5

flute + video (2021)