on the deconstruction of a cycle

Formation: 2 pianists and 2 percussion players + tape
Creation: april-october 2005
Premiere: 14th april 2008. Conservatorio profesional de Salamanca. PROYECTO SONATA
Duration: 18 min.

→ Complete score

Just as in the other pieces of the deconstruction series (of a whole, of a cluster, of a cycle, of an end, of a trill), the deconstruction of a musical object or structure becomes the discursive element of the piece. on the deconstruction of a cycle takes as departure point the repetition of a structure of 8 parts, where in every part always the pianists always play the same material and the percussion players are always placed in the same positions. The deconstruction of such cyclical principle is staged through several procedures that shift the dramaturgy of the discourse towards the growing deviations of the cycle: percussive actions, active pauses, deformations of the original structure or confrontation between the structure and outside sounds.

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