on the deconstruction of an end

Formation: violin, violoncello and piano
Creation: april 2008
Premiere: 13th may 2008. Residencia de Estudiantes (Madrid). TRÍO ARBÓS
Duration: 8 min.

→ Complete score

end Just as in the other pieces of the deconstruction series (of a whole, of a cluster, of a cycle, of a roll, of a trill), the deconstruction of a musical object or structure becomes the discursive element of the piece. on the deconstruction of an end uses as raw material several elements that conventionally serve to end musical works: cadences, conclusive gestures or even extramusical elements like the applause.

The piece performs a more or less direct process, which starts with simple notes isolated from different endings of pieces of the piano-trio literature, and gradually experiences a kind of approach (bit rallentando) into the “inner world” of every sound, where the obviousness of their conclusive character is deconstructed and a new discourse of differentiation emerges.

Several levels of transparence of the original material, mechanical repetitions over different fragments, recorded and instrumented applauses…their function is transcended and the endings are no longer endings but rather beginnings of a new piece.

The close almost timeless gaze dissolves the convention of the semantic layer covering the exteriority of things, enabling them to show what they also are.

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