numbers #3 “migrants”

Format: acousmatic, 16 channels. also possible as installation.
Creation: december 2019
Premiere: 18th january 2020. Theatre du Galpon (Geneve, Switzerland)
Duration: 9 minutes

“numbers” is a series of pieces whose main motivation is the deconstruction of the apparent abstraction and neutrality of numbers through their concretion as sound realities and their perception from the aesthetic element and temporality of the sound or musical piece.

numbers #3 “migrants” is made up of a computerised reading (text-to-speech), one by one, of the last 1600 records of the file “List of Deaths”, that documents the cases of dead migrants and refugees caused by the restrictive policies of the European Union since 1993*. Each one of these 1600 texts is sounded in loop from an independent channel  and a unique spatial position, creating a sound discourse which surround the spectator between the intelligibility of the individual texts and the brutality of a continual superposition of up to 1600 layers of sound.

*UNITED for Intercultural Action – campaign office ‘Fortress Europe No More Deaths’ –

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