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dispersion/concentration 30 mobile performers in open space
27/10/2017. Festival After Cage. Calle Mercaderes (Pamplona)

inaudible city 4 performers + tape
24/10/2017. Festival After Cage. Teatro Gayarre (Pamplona)
Pilar Fontalba, Alessandra Rombolà, Anna Margules, Xelo Giner

300kg of music 2 percussion players, car and performer
29/9/2017. Vostell Museum (Cáceres)
6/10/2017. Residencia de Estudiantes (Madrid)
ReConvert Duo + Alberto Bernal

Passive resistance. installation
7/9/2017-21/10/2017. Proyector International Festival. Medialab Prado (Madrid)

Crowds and power + Elogio de lo ausente
21/7/2017. Bergerault International Festival. Valdepeñas (SPAIN)

Passive resistance installation
18/7/2017. Bergerault International Festival. Valdepeñas (SPAIN)

Impossible translations #3b percussion + video
24/6/2017. Conservatoire Superieur. Lyon.
Miquel Vich, perc.

Ritratto senza voce (Billie Holiday) percussion + video
9/6/2017. Ensems. Valencia
Carlota Cáceres, perc.

Ritratto senza voce (Billie Holiday) percussion + video
4/6/2017. Es Mercadal. Menorca
Carlota Cáceres, perc.

[premiere] numbers #1 “post-truth”saxophone + tape
20/5/2017. EMA Festival
Ángel Soria, tenor saxophone