impossible translations #4
passive resistance
passive resistance
How to unbalance the pressures that correspond to each other on either side of the membrane?
Portraits. Arnold Schönberg
Impossible music #1
(neo)liberal systems #4 “entertainment”
in praise of the absent
through the wall
Alberto Bernal by Jaime Reis
impossible music #5
NO studies #1

Impossible translations #3b


numbers #1 "post-truth"
300kg of music
ritratto senza voce (Billie Holiday)
numbers #2 "variations on a theme by Brahms"
A Tempo


[premiere] dé-coll/age 80 wandering musicians in open-air
16/9/2023 12:00. Museo Vostell/Malpartida (Cáceres/Spain)
Wind orchestras of Cáceres, Albuquerque and Malpartida. Javier González, dir.

The sounding beauty of ideas text (english)
eContact 21.2

MUSIC AND NOISE. Fallacies, proposals and possibilities towards the integration of noise and the everyday as elements of musical creationtext (english/spanish)
within the collective book “Exploring creativities” (Edictoralia)

#OccupyYourself installative performance for 4 percussion players isolated in closed tents. (Reduced version)
5/7/2023 Festival Made in SMAE (Porto, Portugal)
FRAMES Percussion Ensemble

[premiere] si ambulem… 30 wandering voices in open air
17/6/2023 20:00. Monasterio San Pedro de Eslonza (León) / Fundación Cerezales
Coro Ángel Barja

Crítica de la grabación pura graphical piece / exhibition
12/5/2023 to 10/12/2023 Museu de la Musica (Barcelona)
Within the exhibition “Listening with your hands”

Monographic radio broadcasting
9/5/2023 1:00 La casa del sonido (RTVE). Con José Luis Carles y Cristina Palmese

(neo)liberal systems #1 “accelerando”  CD presentation
28/4/2023 12:00 SGAE (Madrid)
With Rhea Saxophone Quartett

[premiere] play-PAUSE-stop-loop 2 saxophones, screen and audiovisual material
25/4/2023 20:00, 20:00 Ackermannshof / Basel
27/4/2023 20:00 Theaterpavillon/ Luzern
28/4/2023 20:00 Bühne S/ Zürich
2/5/2023 20:00 Theatherstudio/ Olten

Eventuell Saxophone Duo (Vera Wahl, Manuela Villiger)