impossible translations #4
passive resistance
passive resistance
How to unbalance the pressures that correspond to each other on either side of the membrane?
Portraits. Arnold Schönberg
Impossible music #1
NO studies #3. "73 attempts to play NO, its resonance, its NO, a glass"
in praise of the absent
through the wall
Diptych. 2) 193 national anthems ranged according to transnational criteria
Alberto Bernal by Jaime Reis
impossible music #5
NO studies #1

Impossible translations #3b


numbers #1 "post-truth"
300kg of music
ritratto senza voce (Billie Holiday)
numbers #2 "variations on a theme by Brahms"
A Tempo


[premiere] made in china soprano, flute, cello + video and live elect.
(neo)liberal systems #2 “crescendo”
lecture #1: crowds and power
(postponed) 12/11/2020 Festival Südseite Nachts (Stuttgart)
trio vis-à-vis

numbers #2 “variations on a theme by Brahms” violin, piano + youtube footage
29/10/2020 Teatro Aveirense – Aveiro (Portugal)
Hellqvist/Amaral duo

[premiere] mobile. wandering performer and percussion
25/10/2020. Festival After Cage. Pamplona

NO studies #2; Madrid, 2011/5/20 23h44m43s tape
14/10/2020 -11/1/21. Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid)
within the exhibition AUDIOSFERA: Social Experimental Audio, Pre- and Post-Internet

(neo)liberal systems #2 “crescendo” instruments + tape
2/10/2020 Zürich

voids. new series for different instruments / graphical pieces

Traces of  VANG: suspended spring book
Book edition and new text “Not Doing”