(neo)liberal systems

(neo)liberal systems is a new series of pieces around the paradox of exercising an almost endless freedom within a context that tolerates it, but at the same time it assimilates it in different systems that manage and reduce it to an unitary function and signification.  In all the pieces there is a radical differentiation between the materiality produced by the musicians and the ruling system. There no conventional score showing to the musicians what they should play, but instead, they have the liberty to decide (previously or not, negotiated or not) their own material, instruments and way of playing. The “system” is an algorithm that, through a computer, gives some abstract indications in some moments, such as changes of materials, of tempi/pulses, or it reuses the musicians materials through record and playback operations.
In a sense,
(neo)liberal systems are pieces which take place simultaneously in the genres of free improvisation and written fixed music, not especially as a hybrid between them, but more as a movement that oscillates between freedom and absolute determination.

(neo)liberal systems #4 “entertainment”

tactile device + videoprojection (2021)

(neo)liberal systems #3 “ascent”

any number, any kind of instruments

(neo)liberal systems #2 “crescendo”

any number, any kind of instruments