. Designed in California. Assembled in China

With Mar Gómez Glez (text) and Pablo Ramos (stage design)

Formation: 2 oboes, 2 percussionists, 2 dancers, audiovisual elements
Creation: 2023-24
Duration: 1 hour
Premiere: 1-3-2024. Teatros del Canal (Madrid). COLECTIVO E7.2. LED SILHOUETTE.

  When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world in 2007, the mobile phone went from being a tool to be the perfect toy. At this historic event, Jobs plays with his hand on the screen in front of the audience, enjoying all the possibilities of the device that would become the founding icon of the new era of digital entertainment. Only three years later, the working conditions at Foxconn, the company responsible for producing Apple products and other brands, came to light due to the numerous suicides of several of the workers on the assembly lines.

iSlave is a work with new technologies and about new technologies. Far from making an instrumental and uncritical use of them, it is presented as a deconstruction of their constituent elements, both those related to their playful and addictive use in everyday praxis and their modes of production. While artificial intelligence software writes poems and composes songs, tens of thousands of low-paid workers -also called iSlaves- produce the hardware that supports it: designed in California, assembled in China.

Project produced with the Leonardo Scholarship 2022 of the  BBVA Foundation
Coproduced by Teatros del Canal Madrid. Additional support: Museo Universidad de Navarra.