Formation: ≈ 60 moving wind band musicians
Creation: july-august 2023
Duration:  55 min.
Premiere: 28-10-2023. Museo Vostell (Malpartida, Cáceres, Spain). La Raya Bandas Collectivo (J. Gónzalez, dir.)

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Work commissioned by the CNDM and the Museo Vostell Malpartida to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Museum’s contemporary music cycle. Based on the idea of “dé-coll/age” (Wolf Vostell), the work explores different relationships between the individual, the collective and the environment that surrounds both. Its format moves between the genres of concert music, installation, performance and land art. What is initially presented as a unitary block (a band) is progressively deconstructed and dismembered into voices, instruments, individualities and, finally, placed in the natural environment.