Formation: 2 tenor saxophones, semitransparent screen and audiovisual material
Creation: january-april 2024
Duration:  35 min.
Premiere: 25-4-2023. Ackermannshof (Basel). Eventuell-DUO (Manuela Villiger and Vera Wahl)

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 PAUSE belongs to a series of four long pieces, which were initiated directly after the pandemic: PLAY, PAUSE, STOP and LOOP. Common to all is a critique (from the aesthetical experience) of our present consumption habits, especially those concerning to the digital consumption of media and entertainment.
The piece arises from a necessity to stop, from the need to suspend the pauseless flow of stimuli that surround as from all directions of our society. Within the context of a hyperintensity of accelerated stimuli, all experiences tend to become equal, loosing their potential for differentiation together with our critical perception capability.