dispersión / concentración

. 30 mobile musicians in the public space

Formation: 15 alto saxs, 15 percussion players with 15 megaphones
Creation: may-june 2016
Premiere: november 27th 2016. Calle Fuencarral (Madrid). Festival Art Son Mod. COLECTIVO NEO (Antonio Picó, dir.), ENSEMBLE ONOFF (Pedro Pablo Cámara, dir.), ÓSCAR ESCUDERO (coordination)
Duration: 45 minutes

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  The work is an exploration of a particular urban space: in the premiere it took place in 300 meters of a street in the center of Madrid. With The Internationale as raw material, the ongoing concentration and dispersion movements of music, sound and musicians create a huge sound sculpture in continuous transformation, fed by the poetics of the paradox between unity and plurality, simultaneity and asynchronicity, grouping and dissemination.

pictures: Andrés Zaragoza and Alberto Bernal