impossible music #33 “dumb scream”

Format: Interactive videoinstallation
Creation: january 2011
First exhibition: july 2011 – Festival Internacional de Videoarte “Proyector”. Galería 6+1 (Madrid)
Other exhibitions: Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, 2014), Thyssen Museum (Málaga, 2016), Festival EME (Gijón, 2013), Festival Franqueados (Madrid, 2014), Fine Arts Faculty (Aranjuez, 2014), Smash Festival (San Sebastian, 2014), Libros Melior (Madrid, 2014)


Dumb scream is an interactive installation with two elements:

– A soundless video recording of a screaming person
– An analysis system of the incoming sound

  Depending on the incoming sound, the video expands itself from a relaxed “neutral” situation to the maximal scream, passing through every face state of the production of the scream. The spectator is invited to scream and project his or her shout in the state of the observing person in the video.

  Dumb scream is, at the same time, a reflection in two directions: of the interacting person’s contained rage towards its visual equivalent in the installation; and of the rage that emerges from the installation itself and is projected into the sounding scream of the spectator.

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