inaudible city

Formation: recorder (bass and alto), flute (bass and in c), oboe (bar. and sopr.) and sax (bar. and sopr.) + tape and interactive lighting
Creation: june-october 2017
Premiere: 24th october 2017. After Cage Festival. Teatro Gayarre (Pamplona). Colectivo E7.2
Duration: 11 minutes

→ Complete score

“To maintain dignity, and not being completely assimilated by the maelstrom of machineries and harmfulnesses, this is the silent and tough fight taking place everyday in the urban crowds along the planet”.  (Juanma Agulles. The destruction of the city).

  1) The real: the city, as acoustic body, is brought to the theatre by means of field recordings of several cities (Madrid and New York, especially), played back at the same decibel level with which they were originally recorded. Under this impregnable layer, four individuals persist in their interpretation of a sequence composed from an intimate piece of their choice.
and 2) the utopic: to become audible, to reclaim the individual, to interrupt the dictated city.

la ciudad inaudible