.piece for garden, wandering performer and moving percussion

Formation: wandering performer and 4 percussion players
Creation: february-june 2015
Premiere: 24th june 2015. Reina Sofía Museum MADRID. Festival Resonancias. NEOPERCUSIÓN
Additional versions:

v2: 25/10/2020 Plaza del Castillo (Pamplona). Festival After Cage
v3: 19/9/2020 Jardines de Calixto y Melibea (Salamanca). FACYL
v4: 14/10/2022 Facultad Bellas Artes UPV (Valencia)

Duration: ca. 45 minutos

→ Complete score:       v1       v2       v3       v4

Resonancia. Conciertos para otra escucha from Museo Reina Sofía.

The present piece was a commission for the festival “Resonancias” in the Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid). The main motto of the festival was the idea of doing intervention in non-usual spaces of the museum. In this way, the singularity of the composition would not be an isolated content, repeatable in other neutral space, but precisely its relation with a specific space and place.

The proposal of Alberto Bernal takes as raw material the historical garden of the museum. The garden as the real instrument. The different elements of the garden were used as materials for the piece: the different paths and itineraries were walked by a wandering performer, whose position while walking determined the corresponding actions of the percussion players. They were initially placed in the four corners of the space, statically; at a certain time they started to wander the space as well, awakening through that the rich resonances of the space and creating in the spectators a variable hearing experience related to their momentary position and movement. Together with their paths, there were also some of the sounding elements present in the space itself: the fountains, the sand or the benches of the place.

Since then, additional site specific versions were created for several new places.


fotos: Joaquín Cortés / Román Lores