Formation: mechanical or MIDI piano + tape [also possible as solo tape]
Creation: april 2005. Rev. september 2007
Premiere: 21th april 2005. Freiburg, Germany
Duration: 10 pieces of 4 minutes each

Music, in traditional sense, only happens through a selective perception, that filters every non-musical event and push it to the outside of the impenetrable microcosmos.

“Musik” uses the non-selectivity of the perception of a computer program, in order to recode the non-musical events in form of music: in the white and black keys of a piano. In addition to the musical content of an old vinyl recording of Chopin’s nocturne Op. 15/2 of Chopin -Claudio Arrau at the piano-, their non-musical d (mechanical) disturbances are sounded through the piano as well, and coexist with the music at the same level:
– the rotation tempo of the vinyl record -hearable through the scratches of its surface- makes a kind of rhythmical counterpoint to the original tempo of the nocturne
– the articulation created by the dust of the vinyl merges with Arrau’s
– the human factor of the interpretation materializes itself in an objective way
– the a priori intact harmony of Chopin is drastically tinged by the sound spectrum of the disturbance (mechanical and electrical noise) and by the wear of the vinyl caused by time.