NO studies #1b

Formation: version for small ensemble (fl, tsax, mar, e-guit, pno) + video
Creation: september 2013
Premiere: 16th april2015. Basel. ENSEMBLE LUNAIRE
Duration: 6 minutes

→ Complete score

(video of the original version for saxophone ensemble)

  The present piece belongs to a series of sound studies on the word NO. The departure point of this first piece of the series is a photograph taken in a demonstration in which one can see a hand holding a placard with the word NO.
The study involved a digital degradation of the image (pixelation and outlining) in order to recode its visual information as musical material: x-axis as time and y-axis as pitch. The score becomes, therefore, a sonorization of the photography, this made evident in the performing of the piece, in which a real time video gradually reconstructs the original image as the ensemble plays the corresponding musical material.

→ “NO studies” series