NO studies #3 “73 attempts to play NO. Its resonance. Its NO. A glass”

Formation: piano, glass and video
Creation: may-august 2014
Premiere: 8th november 2014. Festival Bernaola (Vitoria). REI NAKAMURA.
Duration: 10 min.

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NO studies is a series of pieces dealing with several representations and sonifications of the word NO. The present piece takes as departure point the sound analysis of a person screaming the word “NO”, whose video recording is also used (frame by frame) in the video version of the piece.
The analysis is recomposed into two layers: as an insistent repetition (73x) in normal speed and as a slow motion sound that develops over the whole piece as a sympathetic resonance after every repetition. Together with these two ongoing elements, there are also several interruptions, “negations” of the presented logic.

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no studies 3