numbers #2 “variations on a theme by Brahms”

 for violin, piano and youTube footage

Formation: violin, piano + tape and video
Creation: january-april 2018
Premiere: 20th april 2018. Mixtur Festival (Barcelona). DUO HELLQVIST/AMARAL
Duration: 14 minutes

→ Complete score

Numbers is a series of pieces in which I try to explore how information and perception changes through massive replications and repetitions of the apparently identical, deconstructing the supposed abstraction and neutrality of numbers and trying to create an aesthetic experience through its concretion as sound realities.
  In this second piece, the reference and material is the theme of Brahms 3rd violin sonata. The piece creates a confrontation between the live performed fragments of the theme and a growing mass of 117 recordings by different performers (variations): historical versions, amateur, high to low quality, neutral, overexpressive… Together with this material, the piece establishes a dramaturgy with its substitution through 117 voices of real, different persons.

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