. performative installation for 4 percussion players isolated in tents during 12 hours in the public space

Format: 4 percussion players + video, audio and several objects
Creation: 2020-21
Premiere: 9th May 2021. EAAC (Castellón). FRAMES PERCUSSION
Duration: 12 hours (there is also a reduced concert version of 35 minutes)

→ Complete score

#OccupyYourself is a project in-between new music and other realms like the performance art or public space intervention. In the latter, four different individuals camp in four tents from which they perform different actions along a whole day (12 hours). These actions fluctuate from the (new) normal routine (virtual communication, telework, entertainment, body care…) to a growing desire of inhabit the public space and real communication, which will gradually dissolve the installation in an intense and percussiv final phase after 12 hours of isolation.
  Through this situation of privacy exposure, the work tries to constitute itself as a kind of transparent mirror in which visitors and contemplate themselves, amplifying the present social context,where public issues (communication, activism, entertainment and leisure, sport, culture and art) are always more pushed to the harmless realm of the domestic and private.