open cloisters

Formation: bass flute and live electronics (2 channels)
Creation: june-july 2007
Premiere: 8th september 2007. Fundación Antonio Pérez (Cuenca, Spain). JULIÁN ELVIRA
Duration: 12 min.

→ Complete score

claustro abierto

 The configuration of the performance space itself, with its characteristic opening towards the outside, constitutes the departure point of the piece. It is not usual to have the opportunity of hearing the so called “serious music” in half-opened places; they place a first obstacle for the conservation of the musical inner world, as idyllic as unreal, so closed towards the outside, and being continuously polluted by the outside sounds.

The permeability between inside and outside is the raw material of the present piece; musical composition as a search and deconstruction of the border between the inner and the outer; the “world” is heard in a realm of “musical” attention, music is send back to its original context.

The work is thus a found object in itself. The place, the situation; the inner and the outer; the closed and the opened; the questioning of a praxis that leaves the outside outside; the instrumental sound and the real sound; a window from the inside to the outside, or from the outside to the inside.

In this place full of objectes trouvés, of ready mades, the present piece is the place; the place is the object trouvé.