Formation: scenic music for countertenor, ensemble and recorded sounds
Creation: december 2009 – march 2010
Premiere: 31th march 2010. Teatro Gayarre (Pamplona). LUIS CALERO and ENSEMBLE LABORATORIUM
Duration: 40 minutes

→ Complete scores

In the present piece, all the non-verbal sound has been conceived as a whole: instrumental music and sound spaces, trying to offer an extra dimension to the narrative dimension of the, in my opinion, most important subject of the Passion: the death of one person as a last consequence of his or her fight for the rights of all.
In the core of the approach are the questions I posed to myself at the beginning of this project: how does the fight for the human rights sound? how did it sound 2000 years ago? how could to translate it into the present?
The whole material is based in the realism of recordings of the present realidad: instrumental music (as pigmentations of these real sounds), arias (as time detentions in this real sound, deepenings into it by the countertenor) and the whole sound space that is realistically sounded over the loudspeakers.
Just as Caravaggio while painting the sacred subjects from the realism of the persons and scenes of the misery of the streets of his contemporary Naples, this music flees from the balsamic or idealizing function, trying to bring to the foreground of the hearing the raw and not always well sounding sound of realidad.