passive resistance

Format: Interactive audiovisual installation: video projector, screen, 4ch audio, Kinect, computer
Creation: july-september 2013
First exhibition: 27th september 2013. La noche blanca. Gijón (SPAIN)

Interactive installations usually work by means of detecting the variation of some parameter (motion, sound, proximity, etc.) in order to trigger some response in themselves. “Passive resistance” works through the opposite idea: it is persistence, non-variation or stillness which provokes change; that is: passive resistance.
The behavior of the installation depends, in this way, on how long can the spectator remain, on his/her capacity of immobility and on a random variable that produces different images and sounds for every person, combining the own image of the spectator with other images taken from several sociopolitical situations; hence the development of the installation will always be different for every spectator.
The installation tries to be a kind of homage and appeal to the passive resistance as a medium for social change: from the civil disobedience of Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi, Martin Luther King or the tank man of Tiananmen to more recent examples like the Taksim Square’s standing man.