on the deconstruction of a military roll

Formation: 2 percussion players (snare drums)
Creation: june 2005. Rev. april 2006
Premiere: 6th february 2006. Musikhochschule Freiburg. JOHANNES FISCHER and DOMENICO MELCCHIORE
Duration: 8 min.

→ Complete score

 Just as in the other pieces of the deconstruction series (of a whole, of a cluster, of a cycle, of an end, of a trill), the deconstruction of a musical object or structure becomes the discursive element of the piece. This particular piece is built from a montage of moments derived from a very slow deconstruction of a military roll over two snare drums, bringing into the foreground several elements already contained in the detail level of the roll: individual percussions of the roll heard as isolated elements, microvariations in timbre and dynamics and, in general, the interaction between all these isolated elements that create another hearing path of the original material.

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