La réalité, Schaeffer, sa trace et la musique (cinq études légères et cinq études profondes)

Formation: tape (2 channels)
Creation: august 2008
Duration: 10 pieces of ca. 3 minutes

One of the most transcendent contributions of Pierre Schaeffer was to gain for the music all that which wasn’t music, that which remained outside the borders assigned to the unreal music and that we could denominate “real”.

Reality -a fragment of real life as a field recording-,
Schaeffer -present in form of his etudes de bruits-,
his trace -as an envelope follower of the last over the first-,
and the music

… all these elements are represented in this work in a literal way, where its own identity tries to get along with the new identity emerging from the convergence of the two elements. The fragment of real life is musically “lighted” by the dynamic outline of the etudes de bruits, provoking the overturn of the real towards the musical, of the everyday perception towards the aesthetic percepcion, and vice versa.


cinq études légères

cinq études profondes