on the deconstruction of a trill II

Formation: live sax (tenor) and recorded sax (1 channel)
Creation: april-june 2006 / november 2007
Premiere: 14th december 2007. CIMTEC, Sevilla. XELO GINER
Duration: 11 min.

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Just as in the other pieces of the deconstruction series (of a whole, of a cluster, of a cycle, of an end, of a military roll), the deconstruction of a musical object or structure becomes the discursive element of the piece. on the deconstruction of a trill takes as departure point a simple trill, whose most usual function (ornamental) is destroyed (or rather deconstructed) through different procedures.

On the one hand, the trill is presented under a gradual zoom over its own internal structure. A “microscopic” (mictrotemporal) sound analysis of a recording of a trill reveals a world of microvariations within every (apparently) meaningless note. Such analysis becomes the structural frame of the work, which performs a gradual approach to this “inner world” of the trill, from an already stretched trill (1 beating = 10 seconds) until a “big trill” in which on beating correspond to 2 minutes. At the same time, the vertical (pitch) variation of the trill is also stretched to reveal its detail: the microintervalic variations get gradually bigger till the end of the piece.

On the other hand, the trill is confronted with a slightly different version of itself (heard as a recording). The friction between the live trill and the recorded trill produces a kind of third piece built from beatings, microchords or resultant frequencies.

In this deliberated reductionism in the employed material, the latter (the trill) goes into the background, even disappearing at the end for the perception.

The close almost timeless gaze dissolves the convention of the semantic layer of things, enabling them to show what they also are.

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