on the deconstruction of a whole

Format: installation for one bassoon and one spectator
Creation: october-november 2005
Premiere: 9th december 2005. Freiburg, Unter vier Ohren Project. ENSEMBLE CHRONOPHONIE, ÓSCAR GARRIDO
Duration: 32 pieces of between 30 seconds and 3 minutes (ideally to be played as a whole in an installation format, but it’s also possible to play a selection within a concert format)

→ Complete score


Along with the division of the whole (audience) in parts (listeners), the whole theme of the second movement of Mozart’s bassoon concerto is also fragmented in as many pieces as listeners, whereby each individual from the audience can only hear one fragment exclusive for him, which he or she selects from the wall in the access to the performance room.

By means of an extreme time stretching, a sort of zoom into an apparently meaningless part, the latter is showed in its inwardness, and its inherent microvariations emerge as entities of the highest shaping rank. The so experienced moment emancipates from the whole to which it belongs, thus being experienced as a new whole.

→ “deconstructions” series