politicking oath

(colaboración escénica con Freddie Opoku-addaie y 2faced Dance Company)

Formato: 3 bailarines y tape
Creación: junio 2011
Estreno: agosto 2011. Festival Internacional de Edimburgo
Duración: 15 min.

Politicking Oath takes as it’s starting point the emotion and spirit expressed by the Olympic Oath, Olympic Anthem and National Anthems.

The work seeks to open up and deconstruct their surfaces, inviting associated realms and allowing their sound and physical psyche to emerge to the foreground.

In a close relationship, choreographer and composer explore parallel ways of materializing these departure points in both dance and music. In movement, random Olympic events create a template for physical language, utilizing principle rules and intent that gives an insight into the prowess and complex beings we are. The musical/sound realm deepens into the energy contained in the oath, anthems and sport sounds by means of freezing, fragmenting or layering, and breaking the border between them and the real world.