the outer world of the inner world of the outer world

Formation: string orchestra with optional tape (5-5-5-5-5) or (5-5-5-5-2)
Creation: january-march 2009
Premiere: 3th april 2009. Casa del Cordón (Burgos, Spain). ANTARES ENSEMBLE. EDUARDO PORTAL, DIR.
Premiere of revision: 10 de enero de 2014. Museo Es Baluard (Palma). ORQUESTA SINFÓNICA DE LAS ILLES BALEARS. LUIS REMARTÍNEZ, DIR.
Duration: 9 min.

→ Complete score

el mundo

Although in other art fields is rather usual the existence of approaches whose main departure point lays in the concrete, the quotidian, the social… in the real, the music field seems to be almost always pushed to the expression of the so called inner world, at the expense of this other world of the outside. This deliberated building of contention walls that separate -or even more: negate: the different outside worlds, seems to have become one of the main pillars of the contemporary society; without them, this world -our world, the inner world- seems to stop working. The present piece stages the breakdown of that wall, of the border, the contention, the inner consonance.
The departure material, the “Land of hope and glory” (Elgar) is repeated insistently in short fragments and multiple layers, building a weave which swings between the original material and the new discourse that emerges from its own saturation. A quasi evocative repetitivism that bursts the reality of the inner world, allowing in this way the irruption of the outside material: the audio recorded by a webcam in Gaza the 11th January 2009 (one of the worst days of the Gaza War of the so called Operation Cast Lead), in itself and through its instrumentation in the orchestra.
The title comes from the book poem by Peter Handke “the inner world of the outer world of the inner world”, with identical wandering but inverse way: from the outside to the inside and again to the outside.