impossible music

Impossible Music is a work in progress started in 2006, in which I have been documenting several imposibilities that I faced during my work as a composer and sound artist. Several ideas of sound/musical nature, but impossible to carry out through sound, are made reality through other media like photography, intervention, words, visual installation or plastic transformation of scores.

The main motto of the work is the intention of reflecting the imposibility of saying something through one medium -sound and music, in this case- through a translation into another different medium. In this manner, the origin of the work and its percetive way are still within the music/acoustic realm, but their expression format alienated in another medium.

Music impossible to write, impossible to perform and impossible to hear, but made possible through the paradox of the implicit materialization of this impossibility.

grito mudo

impossible music #33 “dumb scream”

interactive videoinstallation (2011)
impossible music

impossible music

several non-sounding formats (2006-)

impossible music #5

interactive installation (2009)